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Look at me deep in the limelight
Finally a beautiful sight All those nights that ended with tears
started out by hiding my fears

just getting s t a r t e d

⊰ ✯ ⊱ ;

 Independent SELF INSERT roleplay blog

Five years of writing experience, almost two on Tumblr

Uses and makes 100 x 100 icons

Multi-verse, yo

Original character, multi-muse, Self Insert, AU friendly

Usually has more effort than this lmao 

Tries to make welcome starters for every follower

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Heyo, guess who came to check in! This blog is still on an indefinite hiatus. I’m actually considering moving the blog. I have some good news, though, ish? My self insert was remade to here and I have an OC here but I still have the threads I’ve long owed drafted and they hopefully will be finished by the end of this month ;; wow I’m pretty lame.

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                                                      A big-ass list of possible AU’s.

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☮ »  The candy chewing had stopped when grey optics fell upon the frantic stranger. She seemed to be trying to find something, or maybe something else was wrong and Cris never liked to see people frantic and paranoid. So he wanted to help. Shoving the small bag of candy into his back pocket, the Swede stood up from the swing and walked over to her, curiosity spread across delicate features.Excuse me, Miss? You need help with something?

《★》 ; Cue a squeak as she jumped, startled by the other’s sudden appearance. No, wait, he was around earlier. She remembered. “H-Huh?” A pause so she could sigh. “I guess you could say that.” She wasn’t fond of asking people for help, but she’d rather not put her pride before her dear pet. “Just that I’m looking for something. Ah, someone, really." She cleared her throat.

                                  “Have you seen a dog around, by any chance?”

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            ❝Ah! I’m so glad to hear that!❞ Well, not the fact she was still bumping into things, but he was sure Nico knew what he meant.


             ❝I’ve been fine as well, thank you. I just can’t believe I bumped into you again. It really is a small world! Or maybe we live really close to each other… I’m not so sure…❞

                                                You’re rambling again, Garry…


《★》 ; “I wouldn’t say that I live near by, but I just visit occasionally. Though I could agree that the world is rather small.”

                            Several nods of her head before she scratched her cheek. There was the possibility that they lived near each other. Even if they did, Nico wouldn’t have noticed. She was usually hidden inside.

                                           Not that she’d admit to that.

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Get to Know Me Meme: 1/5 Male Characters
Orihara Izaya: “I am who I am and there is nothing wrong with that. The days continue like they always have, bringing neither excessive desire nor despair, nothing’s changed. Yet I’m overwhelmed by this sense of fulfillment. I’m over here, you’re over there. If I’m your savior, then you’re mine.”
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"Hmmm. All right."


     ”Once upon a time, when there was no such thing as night time, the sun and stars and moon all shared the same big sky.”

 《★》 ; Did that sound familiar to her? Not one bit. Though it sounded like something out of a children’s storybook. 

It was slightly interesting though, so she would only remain silent.

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★ ; semi-hiatus


Alright. I have to make an important note. I feel like I’ve been real awful on this blog. I have other blogs that I’m mostly on now. I’ve been considering this for a while, but now I’m gonna go on a bit of a hiatus. Just until a week or two?

Well, that ain’t the point. I’m going to get through drafts, and I’ll reblog stuff, but they’ll be tagged as queued. I owe a ton of welcome starters, but I won’t get to those. Just lemme know if ya want one, or like this post or send an ask.

                Somethin’ like that. I’m going to be on other blogs. Mostly being this or that. See you soon friends ( ’ u’)/

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♕ - There’s always a next time,
         she knew that the young girl will eventually get it.

 It’s perfectly alright, dear. Cooking certainly is a challenge.   

《★》 ; She was a bit surprised that she received assurance instead of chastisement. 

                    “Could I try cookin’ somethin’ else? I think I got it this time!”

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She had been sleeping on the bar seeing as it was a slow night. Her head quickly came up when she heard someone say ‘excuse me’. “Yeah, what can I getcha?”

《★》 ; “Well, I was just seeing if you were okay. I mean, you were fallin’ asleep there.” The girl shrugged her shoulders lightly and leaned forward. “Hah? Oh, well, w-what do you have?”

Elegant Rose - Working In Background